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projectfoodie: We provide recipe search for more than 20 cooking magazines, and 100's of cookbooks. That's 100,000+ recipes accessible from one place.

Macaroni & Cheese w/Pumpkin & Bacon: Just when you thought Mac & Cheese couldn't get any better...

Apricot-Bourbon Mustard: You may want to make a bit extra to keep for yourself...

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Fresh Cheese Crêpes: These are great for desserts and savory preparations.


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Chickpea Fattet Tostadas: Thinking outside the slow-cooker with this yummy vegetarian tostada

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Rochers: Artful chocolate clusters

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Potatoes & Peas in Red Curry Sauce: Meat will not be missed in this tasty slow-cooker curry

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Asian Sloppy Joes: Asian Sloppy Joes? Only Ming can pull that off...